Hi! Welcome. 

Before I start, I’ll like to say that this is not a big blog. I designed it to look a little grand, but at its heart, it’s a person tattle of a normal financial journey. 

The Purple Cotton (TPC) is my third attempt to talk about money and life. I previously blogged for over four years (failed project). After some initial excitement, I was writing aimlessly; I didn’t know the algorithm, I didn’t consider who read it. Sometimes I regret what I post and couldn’t sleep. Do I want to talk about how I can’t invest in ASB (the local elite fund) or my privilege of freedom to religion and lifestyle choice that they can never have? After some soul searching, I now write to keep myself accountable and give actionable ideas that positively impact others.

P/S: The post here is in the context of non-Bumi.

I am in my early 30’s, an engineer at day, potato couch at night (not quite the role model). Apart from having no money post-high-school and nearly drop out of uni, my life has been blessed. My family journeyed from the vulnerable B40 (bottom forty) to a stable middle class, from living on a month to month paycheck to be able to save, travel half the world, eat birdnest weekly.

I grow up in a Chinese community and then landed a job in the least expected place – where >90% of the employee is Malay, the elite sort. I used to volunteer in a center for the urban poor. It’s an odd statement to make, but I like to give the background on how I experience society—both from the forgotten and the who’s who.

Sometimes what I wrote may sound “wizardry” as I believe that Christ came for our salvation (In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. – John 1:3). I couldn’t help, over the years, my lifestyle change, my money view change but my biggest win in life has been my soul.