23 for 2023 New Year's Plan


Word for the year: 

Back in 2018, I found out that a friend will ask for a word from God every year. I think that's a really cool idea and I start asking for this too. My word for past years: Stewardship, Love, Focus

For 2023, the word is Instantly 

I have two take for this word:

  • One is for me to not procrastinate. Do things instantly as it comes.
  • "And instantly..." is used no less than 40 times in the bible where healing, miracles occur. I wish it means miracles will happen instantly this year.

I found out that Gertchen does a one-word theme too, and she coined this 23 for 2023 which is a list of any 23 things that you want to accomplish in the year.

My 23 for 2023  

As a rebel, I wonder if 23 items will it be too many for me to cope. Nevertheless, I'll play by the rules and put some fun/quick item in the list.


1. Host a small community group & make lifetime friends

2. Meet a life partner or work on migration (I don't wish to live beyond the 30's)

3. Road trip with big family in New Zealand

4. Have a dose of man-made happiness. Visit Disney World in Florida or Universal Studio in Japan


One thing I want for this year is life over money, so I'll just have few simple money goals.

5. Invest for >5% div rate

6. Simplify expenses tracking into 15 categories. 

7. Be mindful about paying in social gathering and shopping.


8. Learn my new role as the acting manager 

9. Build app platform for Engineering Startup

10. Complete certified program in data analytics/design


11. Support brother's study if he decides to go ahead.

12. De-clutter 50% of stuff at home

13. Complete my ABC Cooking Studio lessons (13 lesson to go)

14. Genting theme park trip with friends (tickets bought)

15. Badminton Open finals (tickets bought)

16. Read the whole Bible

17. Wear sunblock everyday

18. Meal prep with sous vous

19. Make breakfast daily with toast or instant oats (save time on thinking what to eat)

20. Rental house improvement / Buy a new house

21. Family trip to Redang (without drinking)

22. Maintain this blog

23. Habit challenge: #GoOutside23. I'll walk outdoors from the car park to office.

How likely am I to complete this challenge

Will I have enough time to do all these?

  • Hosting - 3-4 nights a month for 10 months
  • Events - 3 days
  • Overseas travel - 14 days each (20 AL days)
  • Building app platform (6-8 hours weekly)
  • Certified programs (4 hours weekly, 3 months)
  • Cooking lessons (3hr inc travel * 13 lessons) - 13 evenings
  • Reading (10 days) 
  • De-clutter/home improvement (2 weeks) 
  • Write on this blog - limit to 3 hrs a week

I hope I could but I'll need an estimate of 4-5 months to complete the items in this list. It's stretch even if I use time wisely and don't waste it on Netflix or socials. 

Will I be able to fund the cost?

  • Hosting - limit fund to RM1000
  • Travels - loose budget (I wouldn't want to be stranded somewhere) of RM20,000 each for overseas and RM2,000 for local. Total RM42,000
  • Certified programs RM2000
  • Rental home improvement - limit to RM6000

I need to prepare approximate of RM51,000 to make this happen. 😱😶‍🌫️ Perhaps, I should swap the list with some free activities...