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5 things I’ve been loving this month: Jun 20

1. Never have to change another plastic toothbrush!
Before you go, “Yewk! How could one not replace a toothbrush?”, I understand. I use to change toothbrush quite frequently, to the point that I feel guilty of being part of the Earth’s plastic problem. It turns out, instead of switching to an expensive zero-waste bamboo toothbrush, we can easily clean toothbrush. Just mix baking soda (half a tablespoon is enough) with 50ml water and soak the toothbrush for a few hours, stir and rinse, you now have a toothbrush that is clean as new. If the plastic can last 100s of years, this toothbrush is going to out-live me.

2. Free BoJu (Dynalist & Elisi)
I like the idea of the bullet journal (BoJu) as a rapid live logging method. But quality journals are expensive, and the concept of mitigation and continuous tracking on paper does not work for me. Now come Elisi, a free app that claims to work like BoJu. I don’t think it works perfectly, but it does mean I have a few complementing systems to help bring some clarity to my life. Here are the run-up now:

  • Elisi: Todo, schedule, habit
  • Dynalist or Agenda: Bullet notes -> export to Goodnotes
  • Goodnotes: Second brain

If you already have a notetaking/productivity system, don’t change it, work to improve around it. We can’t create the 25th hour in our day so it pays to faithfully stick to one. There are too many apps; our life will be managing the apps rather than living life if we change too frequently.

3. The great coffee substitute
As I grow older (ops), my body no longer loves coffee as before. Coffee affects how our body reacts to stress and breaks down collagen. The solution (given by Dr. Sara Gottfried) is to drink a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon/lime + dash of cayenne pepper in the morning. I try this somewhat tasteless cup for a few weeks; it works to make me awake and feel energetic.

4. Make wax wrap with soy candles.
Wax cloth is great to keep food protected/fresh without the need for zip wrap or plastic wrap. While decluttering, I found four big soy wax candles, given by friends for Christmas, birthday, etc. It turns out soy wax can be used to make wax cloth, just like the zero-waste beeswax cloth (but not paraffin wax candles). Yes, these candles are quite costly, but they are also accumulating dust in my hands. I cut out squares of cotton and melt the candles into the cloth (best to iron).

5. I am not traveling for work.
Rush hour reports are beginning to pour in with business resuming, but I still work from home until further notice. This simple arrangement saves me time and up to RM500 in transport costs (Mainly on parking, I have no access to public transport). I don’t exactly spend less, using the money to eat better and buy gifts for friends. I didn’t think I’ll say this, but I love my company now.

That’s my five this month. How about you? What are your time/money-savings best right now?

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