A look into my casual closet (updated)

In the beginning, I did not thought that a minimalist closet would play a part in my personal finance journey, except that I shouldn’t spend too much when buying clothes. When done right, it’s a fuel-good factor every day and saves so much cost. Like everything else, when you buy without thought, or shop daily, you tend to overspent and end up with junks.

Here is my version of a minimalist closet, mainly for smart casual wear. I don’t use the hashtag OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and  I take it easy when friends see me wearing the same clothes. My casual outing closet has 11-13 items, max. That is for nearly every weekdays after work and most of the weekends if I do not opt for a dress. Yes, I used to have an obsession with the dress, which I moved passed and inherited…you guess it right, a lot of dresses.

My first curated casual closet consist of the bottoms and the top pieces. The number is not a rule, but it works for me. Most of the tops can pass as workwear with formal pants so I don’t need to buy formal tops. 

My collection has two pairs of jeans – a dark wash slim fit and a light wash slim fit. One is more casual and one semi-formal. The best thing about slim fit or skinny jeans, shape apart, you do not need to tailor the length to shoes. Buy one with enough length for 2-inch heels, and you can wear any shoe. If you are wearing flats, you can just push up the legs and still look super stylish. Do I ever have old jeans? Yes, they need to be changed every 3-5 years, that’s how long a Levi should last you.

The tops I love, I keep six to nine-piece to rotate a fair bit. The rule is must be well fit, stylish, sleek. I prefer dark colors, lace, or comfortable material. I find it hard to find the perfect top, so I wear them often and wear them with pride. On the count of 5 days, I may do 2 of the same. Once you find something you like, you’ll be happy wearing day in day out. It is important to get what you love because if someone ever comments or asks you on the dressing cycle, you could laugh and say “I love this’

Currently, I look for design and cut first before cost but they are mostly high street brands, below RM150. The tops tend to last only six months to a year. Maybe it’s because I put them in the washing machine or things just don’t last these days.

I keep a worn rack where the jeans and clothes are hung after light use. I wear the jeans alternately and use them for about a week before the laundry (sorry to anyone who finds that dirty). Now that caught a bad cold is a risk, I change and wash all outfits before I get back in the house.

These do not include the sweatshirts and lazy pants at home and the lesser cardigans and skirts that could be formal-casual. They are more for an occasion or holiday overseas.

My work clothes are not yet so defined but I am looking into getting some custom made pants and shirt so that I can wear the same thing every day. It’s a learning process for me. I don’t want to look like an aunty, but I need something formal.

Oh, I do have a Dior sunglass to beat the shine in our hot weather. I thrift that pair for RM150.

I am keeping my closet size in control by not buying new hangers apart from the 50 pieces I have now. Things have to go when there is no more room play.

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