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Money Diaries: June 21

I spend a total of RM3519.45 in Jun, slightly below the budget. I know it’s not a frugal, rice with egg spending in these hard times for many families in Malaysia. I am very fortunate to be able to sustain my usual lifestyle budget. Of course, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hack life like this if I have a better half and kids.

The Food

Food on pre-and post-vaccination. Before the vaccine, I go YOLO and ordered all the food I like to eat. Post-vaccination, I just want to feel good, and eat all the time (Did they gave me hunger shots?). I had 10 portions of the Botanica+co Ceaser salad from Alia in 7 days, on top of a main from other eatries, something to drink, and a sweet dessert. At RM25.01, what draws me to this dish is the thick anchovies cream dressing. It’s perfectly normal for me to fall for cuisine but addicted to a dish that is easy and cheap to make? This lifestyle creep of lockdown is…strange.

All my aunties claimed that turmeric and ginger help (it’s anti-inflammatory anyway) and they had a smooth vaccination with zero side effects. I don’t know if that’s true but I bought the turmeric ginger shots from La Jucieria (Paid RM25 for 6), and drink it when my throat feels a bit tasteless and that goes away. Otherwise, I had no side effects too.

The Giving

RM529 as treats for friends and family. I don’t find much plead for help early this month. I suppose people are still surviving at the beginning of June but come to the end of June, the money pot is emptied and hardship just got harder. So I guess I’ll be giving in July.

Will this cycle of poverty and suicide end? I know the stress signals are loud out there. I get breakdowns too scrolling through Twitter. But I am grateful the circle I know is somewhat “shield” from the storm, we didn’t slip from M40, and we aren’t dying of hunger. Friends text me how they have hit their yearly sales target. Or someone supporting 30 families back in their kampung. This gives me hope that there are still pockets of opportunities out there and we can survive. It takes more perseverance, more strength than usual, but we will be alright.

The Gadgets

If I could only buy one luxury gadget, it’ll definitely be an Apple. But I can live with all the “fake” accessories and I love the new portable Bluetooth keyboard that is connected to the iPad. I first spotted this for RM89 in TYPO and bought one online for RM15. Together with an “Apple” pen and a connector plug-in for MacBook (to connect external desktop for the cracked screen) – RM60.

The Chair

After about 15 months of working from home, the dining chair is triggering back pain. I took a chance with IKEA RM99 entry-level chair. I remember the previous version was only RM45 for the longest time, inflation at 100%. 😞 I call this the eggshell. The eggshell is works wonders and is now my favorite chair.

My Shopee Shop

In the third month of running an online shop, I registered a business name so that I don’t get fined. I sell new things that I don’t use. Here’s one of the trade secrets, I sometimes get my products from Lazada and sell them at Shopee. The sales are not too bad but the margin is nothing great and I can’t scale much. I am also getting lazy to list things for sale. Net profit: RM690+ over ~70 days of operations.

June financial & goals:

  • (Yay!) Dividend reinvestment for Maybank. They changed the system just after a year and we had to do another set of logins and file uploads online. Meh.
  • (Yay!) EPF investment into Global Select Fund.
  • (Yay) YOLO: Order takeaways from the restaurants that are usually too expensive to dine-in
  • (Yay!) Get the vaccine, although I am 20% skeptical about the future side effects.

July financial & goals:

  • Transfer savings into StashAway
  • Apply for i-Citra – i-love the money
  • Read more books before Scribd subscription payment. Every July, I ponder if I should spend that RM240/year. 😂
  • Fasting for 1 day each week.

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