Money Diaries

Money Diaries: May 2021

Yay! I managed to go back to below RM4,000 budget this month. It’s incredibly shameful to run on a budget deficit as a single adult.

Perhaps I don’t speak for the majority, but things have gotten cheaper in my world. For example, I now pay RM 3 for 200gm of granola’s, RM 3.5-4 for 200gm of sun-dried apricots, RM10 for 20’s active fast panadol, RM1 for 24pcs box rusk biscuits. I collect these deals like they are trophies, the delivery boy had to ring the house chime daily even on late nights. One of them was shocked by how many parcels I collect and ask what do I do. It’s easy to perceive that a shopping package is a $$ spend. The truth is, many of my purchases are between RM0.50-2.50, inclusive shipping.

Years ago on lynnringgit, I shared a trick to get cheaper domino’s pizza (on top of any promos). Today, it still works! Here’s how.

And here’s another trick for free money for Hotlink users.

In the foodie world
My favorite dish for May is Ganjang-Gejang (Raw marinated crab). It is easy to make the marinate but getting live crabs (so that it’s safe to eat) is not easy. I am so happy I found this at OMG Crab for RM23-33 a crab.

The Nah snack for the month: Amazing Graze Brownies. I have nothing against their other products, but it’s brownies is a no buy if you don’t want to feel like you eat sugar. It makes me want to pin this on every known Do-Not-Buy Pinterest page.

Unexpected web hosting cost
I upgraded this website compute system from the free tier to one notch higher, thinking that it would be a few dollars. The bill turns out to be RM48 a month (technically that’s few USD dollars). Ouch.. For damage control, I’ve uninstalled some of the plugins and delete media files, reroute the CDN, and made a swap file to clear some memory. This is now sustaining on the free $0 web hosting tier. Oxygen mode till I actually have website traffic (Or just a few close friends will do).

June financial & goals

  • Dividend reinvestment for Maybank. They changed the system just after a year and we had to do another set of logins and file uploads online. Meh.
  • EPF investment into Global Select Fund.
  • YOLO: Order takeaways from the restaurants that are usually too expensive to dine-in
  • Get the vaccine, although I am 20% skeptical about the future side effects.

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