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How to invest the credit card funds in Boost?

As of May 2021, we can no longer invest via boost using credit cards. So another goodbye to e-wallets magic.

Boost says it’s to protect users from risky investments such as OPUS, SSPN, HelloGold. That’s odd, money market funds in OPUS and SSPN is one of the safest investment product.

Nevertheless, there’s a workaround if you accidentally top-up funds with a credit card. I don’t recommend doing this continuously, just a once-off solution if you are not aware of the policy change.

Here’s how you do that – send funds through e-Raya to a trust friend/family account. Remember, it’s the Send E-Duit Raya button and not the send funds button. (Send funds button initially work but was later plugged as per LowYat users)

Your friend/family will then have to click receive within 12 hours in the notification. The funds received will not be considered as credit card funds, so the friend/family can use the fund to invest as before.

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