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All the personal finance template you need is already on your phone (iPhone)

I have always love my ultimate easy personal template set, but I have not seen it being reviewed by the PF community. I think that’s because financial bloggers love to build our own dashboard and templates. But I am a lazy person and ready + powerful+ free is the best combination. You probably already know this, if you are using iPhone or Mac OS, you have access to comprehensive and powerful personal finance templates.

Open the Numbers app, and click on the personal finance tab on the new files template. I wasn’t a fan in the beginning, but I find myself going back to these every time I need to know if I have done money the right way.

Retirement savings

I like most of the tools but I particularly like this one because it’s even better than some paid financial planner. You just need to input some info and it’ll tell you how much you need to save monthly to retire based on your plan.

First, you have to know what are your life plans. The age you like to retire, life expectancy (the national average is a good figure to start).

Then put in the annual income you need and savings you have, plus the average return rate (2% for FD, 5% for long term shares, 8% for S&P 500 average etc), inflation rate (about 3-3.2% for Malaysia, but nearer to 4-5% for urban areas).

The file will auto populate the retirement goals and also show you an yearly installment table. Some people print this and sell, you know?

In terms of input, discuss with your family members or friends if you aren’t sure.

Net worth tracking

One of the most enjoyable pastime of PF people is finding out our net worth. This tracker is fun and helps you to see where your money is.

The tracking is not time base (not important, but sometimes we like to show the graph to feel proud about our accomplishment). What I do is I’ll mark at note at the bottom of the previous yearly/quarterly number.

All files are modifiable so if you don’t like the background, you can just change the color.

Portfolio monitoring

Here’s another powerful tool because it automatically updates the current value of your portfolio when you open the file. No more stupidly spending time to find the price of assets you hold in different trading platform. And it applies to all the shares available in the market, as long as you can find the right ticker. For KLSE, it’s usually the counter number.kl. The downside is you don’t get to put in transaction cost, so it’s either you add to price paid or make a now at a new column.

Personal Budget

Finally, the personal budget is useful to set your monthly budget and track your balance real time. Personally, I don’t use this as I have app with historical data. This method is less user friendly compare to paid apps, but it’s free, available and beats handwriting.


I have not use the other templates much as it’s not relevant to me so there’s not much to say. Perhaps you can share if you have used it before?

Yup, you have reached the end. No sign-ups required, nothing to download here. 😛 Thank you for reading.

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