Money Diaries: Apr 2018

April is always my tipping point. See the usual pike in April-Jun in my past year's monthly expenses. Last year I went to Japan and bought a Mac. The year before I change out the closet and I don't remember what happened in 2015. iPhone purchase perhaps?  It's hard to keep myself motivated throughout the year. But I am holding on this year, spending in cash (mostly) helps.
The x-scale of this graph is probably not linear- I suck at numbers (the app, not math).

On the last count, I am left with RM253 cash in my wallet, so I spend RM2,631 this month. I have to admit that spending RM2,631 on me, myself is not frugal at all. It seems that I cherish and are paying much for experience and quality instead of striving for financial freedom.

I added two tracking category this month - beauty products and clothes given the substantial amount of these items. And I started using the credit card again for cashback benefits and record them as cash in the tracker. It's a dangerous ground to spending higher. Could I trust myself?

Highlights of April (The Shoe Month):
  • My jelly bean slipper was torn, and I hijack a grey pair from my mom because I am too cheap to buy one.
  • Use up the meal vouchers from AGM meeting. I queue for the coupons and run to work because, well, I have to work on weekdays. It seems a lot of aunties does that too.
  • Bought three pairs of shoes. A Mellisa shoe, a duo that would make its appearance in The Devil Wears Prada, and a Vinci because it's a gala emergency.
  • Delve into my secret world of food adventures. Sayan Isaksson @ Mandarin Grill.
The iPhone cable purchase & broken record is a proof that price doesn't reflect the quality. Or I should say, price doesn't reflect MacStore quality. Wasted my hard earn RM90.

May goals
Chasing the number
  • Football Fever! Sorry guys, I don't track the score on the field, but I love Maybank Barcelona Visa in May (The card, not the bank). A cool 10% cash rebate for all purchase - RM100 cap. 
  • In April, I decluttered 7 items for RM350 (RM300 after postage). I get something between RM100 - RM400 each month selling my old stuff. Figures aside, cashing out large or cheap items is a waste of time and effort. Wrapping is a mess, labelling is another hassle, and finally, waking out early on weekends to rush to post office and then you have to deal with possible loss of delivery.
  • Invested the RM800 income tax refund into PAVREIT for a dividend yield of ~5.2%. I like to start a dividend report post, hold myself accountable for investment as much as spending. What do you think about that?
That's all for April. Till next time.