2022 Top Spending Category

This year, I spend RM55,034 just on my top 5 expenses category. OMG... I need a drink.  I had spent fifty thousand without anything to show for it. While this may not seem like a lot for KL city folks, considering that I am single without debt...

1. Giving - RM19,021

This is probably one that I regret apart from gifts for Christmas. Paying for meals, and the salt when I find out some NGOs that are not as needy as they claim.  I think my resolution for 2023 needs to be stop giving, stop acting generous. 🤭

2. Food -  RM16,177 before groceries

Definitely on the higher side but as long as I don’t gained weight for what I consume, I am happy to pay. My new favorite places are Bref by Darren Chin, Table & Apron, Momo Paradise, Licky Chan & The Poke Guy.

3. Rent - RM10,410

Slight increase in rent after the hike in interest rate. Thankful for the safe shelter.

4. Beauty - RM5,685

In my 30s, beauty product doesn’t work anymore. I need cutting edge technology stuff.

5. Hobby - RM3,741 

Glad that at least one happiness spend is on the top list. Cooking classes, some outings. It’s well with my soul. I learnt a few skill in baking and cooking. It's like a therapy to me.

The conclusion

As a money writer, it is tough to see how others have live by much lower spending, and I've definitely felt defeated at times. But I've run the numbers, and there's no need for me to constantly save and sacrifice the opportunity cost.

I'll definitely still spend as much if not more next year, for travels and home improvements. After all, I don't want to be counting money in my coffin!