The Big List of Saving

 Live like a minimalist, buy like a maximalist.

You'll be happier and richer when you buy less stuff. But when you do buy, buy at the best price possible. That, is the art of saving. 


· Bring your own bottle
Make your own drinks with simple syrup and any fruits/tea. Or drip your own coffee. I love the Don Donki Drip Bag Coffee and it's less than RM1 per cup. 

Easy (with investment)
· Grow veg on a hydroponic. 
It takes about RM250 to start (cheaper if you don't need all-in package like me) and then RM15 monthly to maintain. 

· Join ABC cooking studio and go for trial class
The initial investment is about RM1200, but I do this to bake many birthday cakes for just RM25.

· Use GrabUlimited | FoodPanda Premium etc. 

· Meal Prep 
I try this many times, but I think I spend more, and waste more food. This is something of a chef skill level for me.  I managed to do this after some cooking lessons and a sous vous equipment. Yay! 


· Join clothing swap events
One is held in KL/PJ every month

· Buy smart: Darker colors will give you more wear.

· Do minor repairs on clothing.

· Use laundry mesh when washing

Easy (with investment)
· Only buy silver or gold, and big accessories 

Necessity things 

· Glasses: Buy the frame from a road side shop and get the lens done in an optical shop.

· Dehumidifier: Buy sodium chloride and refill the box. 


· First stop for household items - Dollar shop like Ninso | Eco Shop. 

· Tune the air-con by 2 degrees up.

· Join beli nothing project on Facebook

· Make your own storage with paper bags 

· Find cheap rental and sublet the rooms.


· Check the T&C when you buy car insurance
While car insurance rate are relatively fixed in Malaysia, the price could be quite different after you add PA and add-ons. 


· Sign up for library card when you're overseas. Some good ones  includes Singapore National Library, NYC Public Library. 

· Get free Coursera premium access through State Library.

· Learn and get certified on luxury brand in LHVM website.

The fun & shameless*

*No judgement. Do it if you need to pinch penny.

· Charge your phone in the office 

· Bring a tumbler and fill the office coffee/milo before heading home.

· Get all the birthday gifts you can get during your birthday month.

· Use Student ID to buy Apple Gadget from Education store

· Get multiple to burn sim-card and sign up for first offers. 

The expensive things

· Opt for lunch for fine dining.