Money diaries: Mar 2018

Just a few entries, and I manage to save 50% of my pay again.

I spend RM2778 in March. The big expenses - a software subscription, a facial, a hair wash (it was RM48 and freaking good!). So significant that I thought I should track it separately, in case I forget about it.

Just because my expenses are not grand doesn’t mean that life could not be happening. It's a jam-packed one. I bunk at friend’s hotel, ate lots and lots of sushi. I had Korean food, best burgers ever, dessert tasting. I even had a facial, a hair washes with cut, and attend a workshop on life vision. Those awkward seminars where you supposed to be 110% honest about yourselves and write down 100 desires of your life. All these for just RM1,300 (minus the change in my purse).

Now that I recall, I bought a high street label black dress which I had problem fitting due to all the eating. But I could sell it off easily, right?

Got a free mobile month when I switch from postpaid to prepaid in Umobile. I think it's a glitch in their billing system. Em..thank you. I only had the chance to give RM20 this month, it looks as though I am moving towards path of heartless. :(

I made my first car boot sale! A friend got a flea market lot, and he let me take a spot to sell all the odd clothes that the bargain monster Lyn buys when she is a college student. One ringgit here, one ringgit there, one down for decluttering. Space management is the way forward thing for me since I do not own house asset. Here's my conclusion on housing: If you are not born wealthy, it's best not to burden yourself with 30 years house loan.

March update and April goals
1. Chasing the number - Continue to save half of my income by spending in cash, and I only have access to about RM1,000 cash this April. Something like a stress test. Some shares on my radar are in year low, and it might be a good time to buy soon. Don't take my word for it just yet, since I have a habit of shrugging things off.

2. Grow - Here's a twist; I honestly don't think I remember what I wanted to do last month. I do know what I did in March, physics revision on Coursera. Finally, after 12 years in public school, I understand hydrostatic pressure in a day. This is what good education means.

3. Health - I exercise a lot, but I also drank a lot of sugared water. Aiming to go sugar drinks free in April. My skin is flaky dry due to all the heat and sun. My boss (a local) says, your country is very hot. Well, of course. There's two way to address this: One, on the air-conditioning. Two, collectively ban excessive air-conditioning and car emission, encourage green space.

To another month of simplistic living!