Money diaries: Jan 2017 (Ops! 2018)


How do you like my new money diaries banner?

One of my resolutions for the year is to dine out at RM25 max/meal. And I did it in January without feeling deprived. I met a group of amazing people with a smaller budget on food, but eating with them is a joy. Great meals are about friendships. This and high tea at Shangri-la for free with points redemption.

Miscellaneous of RM910 for beauty products as gift stash, flipping and paid to learn things. This is one of the ways how I afford the luxury with little money. 60 mini beauty items, a year worth of pampering for RM455, a steel deal or a trap?

I try to be less generous but even so; RM728 went to giving this month, including the roasted ducks for the family this CNY.

Still perplexed at how did I spend RM779 on transport. The petrol price hike is taking a toll.  

The car key cap broke and it cost RM110 for just the plastic cover, not the whole key. -.-

Bought art supplies at RM17.90. I have this Alpha watercolor set, and the color is still stunning after 17 years. A real sign of good quality.

This month, I found that most of the coupon codes don't work on Lazada anymore. Lazada programmer, you are so not welcomed here! :/ No more petrol or prepaid discount. I stop shopping online for now.  There must be a real price difference for me to buy anything online. How about you? What compels you to click the buy button?

On the 27th Jan, God convinced me that I am putting figures ahead of Him. As much as I love the data,  I will trust and  stop detailed tracking of my expenses.