Aug 2017: Q&A on things involving money

Recent financial encounter?

A friend were feeling bad about her spending habits so I said maybe she could start tracking her expenses. She agreed, walk inside the Gucci store behind us and bought a leather Gucci notebook as the tracker to save money@!?!

Situation that makes me cry?

Lorry drivers that ask for sex favors from the orang asli mothers who are desperate to send their dying children to hospital. And the children usually die because they seek medical help too late. These are not old stories, it’s happening right here, right now. Is anyone in power ever going to speak out for these people?


I think most Asian are taught to save. Unfortunately, my parents did not set an example or tell me anything profound about money. Else, I would be sleeping at home with a walk-in-closet instead of writing from the wooden basement now. I spend first, save later, between 20-30%. Who says you must save first? The unbreakable rule is control your spending.

Expenses to cut?

Dining out. I just love to taste food. Testing out an idea to eat out cheaper. I won’t go down without a fight.

Spaving? (A term coined by fellow blogger, basically it means save money by spending)

My heart screams in excitement when I score a great deal. Feels like a life time achievement! Not the kind of oh-so-cheap crap, but the big expenses I could avoid or even earn from flipping. Most of the RM200-400 gift (new, authentic) I give to my friends cost me RM15-20...Shh.


I was lectured by an insurance agent for drinking a Starbuck and not signing up an insurance 'saving' plan. The saving plan NPV is -60,000, I could drink 6000 cups of Starbuck if I don't save!! Most of the insurance savings plan in the market carries negative present value. There are two reasons business owners buy them but if you are on a payroll, I suggest you buy a Chanel bag as saving instead.


NOooo! I am very afraid when people ask me about investment. Either I will NEED to defend myself for not buying into their idea of investing in the unit trust. Or find myself taking the advisor role for free and have to add the disclaimer that if anything goes wrong I am not responsible. Then more questions will follow. The cycle repeats. Ingat I tak payah kerja ke?

By the way, if you are a Bumi (refers to first class citizen in Malaysia), just invest in ASM or Tabung Haji. So much free money for you guys! Why ever crack your head and get headache with money? 


I don’t see housing as investment. I mean, yes, they are great investment instrument. The more you buy the more others can’t afford to buy. I like to believe that there are other better ways of investing that doesn’t cause that much of social disparity until you are old and live alone.

Woe to those who join house to house, who add field to field, until there is no more room, and you are made to dwell alone in the midst of the land. – Isaiah 5:8

I have three places to stay now. My parents place, my bro place and the room I rent for RM300 a month. Or I can get a place and be RM3,000 less happy each month for 30 years.


A minimalist that hunts for premium and free. Life is too short to use junks. But also, too stressful to keep up with the lifestyle. When you buy shoes and clothes, the depreciation is >100% because it is a hard thing to keep, maintain or sell. The best purchase I ever made is actually MacBook Pro. High efficiency, low depreciation, and so many eyes.


Typed on my computer, printed on A4 paper and have my neighbors signed as witness. Stamp at commission of oath. Simple and legal.

Something free?

Oh yes! I found a code from WISHTREND for a free USD27.99 vitamin water cream. Ships worldwide. Shipping to Malaysia will cost USD9 so decide yourself if you want to pay that. Use the code WISHMAX , ends in 31st Aug.

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