2015 Spending Review

In 2015, I spend a total of RM52,606 while living between two cities in Malaysia. That is quite a splurge on my benchmark - single with no big commitments. No savings and no significant debt for the year. This is my third year working and first year tracking (second but I lost the previous data), and first year without savings. Been living like a broke college kid until I came to a boring town and decide to spend for happiness. 

The breakdown

RM11,823 spent on food
Have only count this from March onward and was eating free food throughout Nov and Dec so the annualized spent is around RM15,000. !0.0! About RM9,300 on dining out, remaining on groceries. I generally only buy good fresh food with many dining and a few fine dine trip.

RM6,742 on transportation
Including petrol, toll, and parking but excluding car payment as it is fully paid. And my car maintenance is was free. I generally drive, having not much access to public transport. RM1.3k is for down payment of an 4-year-old car after I crash my car in an accident.

RM7,019 on clothes, shoes, and bag
I don’t buy branded but started to shop high street. Bought stuff and a Marc Jacob Blazer - some new arrival some discounted. My worst purchase was from Twenty3 online - RM300 wasted.

RM6,607 on beauty services and products
I don't use makeup. I splurged on Laneige and AsterSpring - all accounted for including ongoing installments - the scary thing about credit card - makes you think you aren't spending much.
About RM1500  for my mom and I try Glo-laser center for RM300 which prove to be life destroying moments when I get a stubborn breakout.

RM 3,929 on rental and utilities
Renting one 130sq ft room in a fully furnished Semi-D

RM2,500 on repayment of PTPTN loan
Repaying my citizen duty with RM30,000 debt remains. I lost count the actual figure. Just paying the monthly repayment, in no hurry to clear. Why would anyone try to clear a 1% rate loan is beyond my understanding. 

RM493.50 on mobile charges including 2 micro sim purchases
Moved from maxis prepaid to U-mobile postpaid RM28+fees/month. I don't like commitments but U28 with 3gb data was too good a deal to ignore. 

RM1,999 on a new mobile phone - Bought iPhone5s at it’s lowest retail price before the currency hike.
RM1,035 on a new music keyboard retail at RM1,450 - found it 35% cheaper in Lazada.

RM7,041 on giving
RM839 on events
RM290 on books - Yearly Scribd subscription has gone up from RM143 to RM211 due to currency.
RM108 on fitness - Did two month try on KFIT. 
Remaining of ~RM2-3k on other items such as gifts and I don't know what.

I think I score 5/10 in 2015 given that I did not put myself in debt. How have you fared in 2015?