Money Diaries: Jan 2023


January was very expensive with RM12,151 spend. I don't want to think about the deficit - it's deadly. Feels like gone are the days where I can make do with thousand eight a month.


The big spending

  • Single people are not supposed to give out AngPao, but I want to show my parents I am here for them through a red packet. You think you have forever, but you don't.  RM3800.
  • I can't stop getting something nice to eat or giving something whenever people are around, despite hurting my finances. RM2011 Being aware of my shortcomings and actually overcoming it are two very different things. Do I need to engage a financial therapist?
  • Hire Personal Assistance for some admin work. I remember doing upwork task and the manhours they put in are just not as great pace as I used to work on thing.  USD80. 
  • Start subscribing to food catering service. They are not the cheapest at RM17-22 a meal, but it helps me free up time to decide, and eating healthier than food delivery. RM1296.

The happy spending

  • Get really nice hair with a heating hair comb at RM28. Not quite sure what I spend on the remaining RM1428 misc spending. I think about RM150 went into poker games (my family have a strict rule of only playing during the first few days of new year.)
  • A waterproof MacBook sleeves. It's only RM15 and as good as a Crumpler. 
  • Used a grab code that got me RM150 worth of free groceries. Bought good to have things like 12 cans of beers, 1kg of fresh cherries. 
  • Beauty products - expensive but worth every penny: Sisley Black Rose Mask RM570. Kose herbal gel RM140. Buy on Lazada or members day sale for the best deal. I got extra RM500 worth of travel items from the counter in KLCC.
  • A beautiful lace Chongsam from Ecesis. RM250

Feb money goals

  • Spend less, save more, enjoy living , happily invest.