Money Diaries: Feb 2023

I spent RM9,564 this month, about 35% more than my RM7000 budget. Nine thousand is also higher than my monthly payroll. It's another deficit month.😣 

Thankfully, I am not in debt. I can cover the difference with dividend income. It's a little sad that I haven't saved any money for two months, but I am not motivated to save any money now as well. It's also not the inflation (although that adds up), just my first world spending problem.

 The big spending

  • The main reason I went over-budget this month is because I gained weight unexpectedly. I don't have the discipline to exercise or fast so I opt to get an EMS machine to help control my weight. Hopefully this is not the sign of bigger health issues. RM2000
  • Bought the new Laneige serum to support an event. Turns out the serum is not working for me. RM400 gone. Bummer.
  • Brother's 30th birthday. He was the brightest among us but struggle with his path in the society. Thinking back, I regret for not guiding him as the bigger sister when we're younger. He ask for stable coin, I gave him RM1000. 
  • Parent's 15 year old car is still reliable but will need more maintenance work. Should I consider a new car already? Adding commitments in high inflationary environment? RM280

 The happy spending

  • Fun ride at Genting Themepark with free ticket. It still cost RM80 with the locker and overpriced  food.
  • Two days resort trip with extended family. The stay is free, I just pay for food and drinks. RM133. 
  • Added a new public library account in Libby app. The ebooks selection in US states public are amazing.  Nevertheless, I will continue to pay for Scribd as I need the documents available there for work. 
  • RM481 for 5 piece of clothing and hiding the clothes I can no longer fit. 
  • I've fallen for shabu-shabu buffet with awesome beef or seafood. Had 6 buffets altogether in Momo Paradise, Shabu-yo, & Summer BBQ. Sadly, non are halal. RM65-105 each.

March financial goals

  • Excited for March bonus. [Assuming that I will save it all]
  • On the bright side, investment went okay. I sold two counters for gain and are thinking of what to get now.
  • Sell some old items.