Taste: Sushi Oribe

I splurge on food and here’s a re-visit of a sushi place I love to go (and then cry about the bill later) – Sushi Oribe.

Once seated, the Chef will set the home marinated ginger and wasabi placed on the plate and then prepare the sushi, one by one. I like this more than how Sushi Hinata does it (Hinata have the rice cooked in red bean and without plating the wasabi. And the ginger is thin sliced). Here's a piece of yellowtail (Buri) with the house sauce.

Like the previous visit, it’s a season of good mackerels. Which is awesome because I love the horse mackerel (Aji) here, top with a little special ginger onion paste.

The meal starts with a few pieces of mackerel, yellowtail and then continues with Aburi scallop, tuna belly and finally ends with a piece of sea eel – made two ways – sea salt and sweet sauce. The sea eel is delicious too. For tuna belly and scallop is okay but not over, perhaps I did not pay enough for the best piece.

Steam egg custard here is a little special with scallop and tiny Sakura prawns. For every note-worthy omakase I had, the steam egg always comes with a layer of thick transparent liquid on the top. Did the liquid form from the cooking, or added in later? I still wonder.

Towards the end, it’s time for Chef Ori to display his knife skill on the minced tuna and spring onion for a bowl of sea urchin and tuna belly in a light sweet yuzu base sauce.

The sweet endings of savoury – egg omelette (with finely grind prawn), well-prickled radish.

And what likely to be a local special (in Japan, you don’t get sweet dessert), endings in a tin of fruit mix.

Cost: RM280 for lunch.