My favorite personal finance qoutes

Proverbs, Precept, Sayings are magic dust. They keep me going when I do not know what's next. Here are ten personal finance sayings that have shaped my philosophy about money:

My life is bigger than my stuff. – Montana Money
Save first. Ask questions later. – Finance Yo Self

When it comes to spoiling people I love, I don’t care how much it costs. – The Luxe Strategies

Guard the gap, grow the gap. - Montana Money

If one suffers from excess supply, it is likely that another will suffer from excess demand – The Economist

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a few dollars here and there won’t matter – Jon Dulin

Improve savings by 1% per quarter – Apathy ends

Make one thousand creative, maddening decisions to free up enormous amounts of time and money. – Personalized from Abandon cubical

Write posts that scare you. – Remit

Be the one percent in something, Anything – Financial Samurai

What's your favorite?