Money Diaries: Jan 2017

A bountiful start for 2017. I did a few trades in KLSE for pocket money and I am waiting for a dividend coming in February. Cheers aside, I am not an expert and there are too many experienced players out there so I have to stay focused on a niche. Trading is an honestly brutal game; you cannot use anything as a proxy of success apart from the real figures.

Who are the experts?
I have a #cultureshock to find out that two of my housemate is signing up to be unit trust consultant. The next day, my technician is selling unit trust to my manager. It seems like everyone around me is now a financial expert except for moi. Is this the signs of the paradox of skills, where every player on the table has the same information and equal assess? Are you someone that would be delighted to open up your wallet and pay for the mutual fund solution?

Pretty rewards and gifts
Showered with additional RM200+ free vouchers and point redemption this month. The interesting thing about gift vouchers is that they are cash equivalent but you are obliged to spend. And because you are obliged to spend you don't feel like you spend the money; which is great, because I kind of like to save money - a financial blogger syndrome. I am planning to treat my friends around these vouchers. When a dollar is turned into a smile or an experience, which is where the value of money is greater than the face dollar. 
  • IHG for RM50 Aeon Big gift card
  • UOB for RM50 Starbucks gift card (no better choice, don't qualify for groceries voucher) 
  • TreatPoints for RM35 in Baskin-Robbins 
  • Free RM50 Zalora voucher and RM50 Dermalogica voucher.
  • Previously held ~RM120 various voucher
Dine with AirAsia
I went cafe hopping and eat-till-I-drop for free in Bangsar with AirAsia Big points. Some waiters give the "no other orders" look but overall it was a great trip. It is an amazing experience that I would want to do that again. I had yogurt ice-cream, beef burger, awesome milkshake and watermelon strawberry popsicle. The popsicle is so good I want to do a homemade version and have this dessert with me all the time. The detailed post here.

WTHack the banking fees!!
I make a financial mistake this month - I miscalculate the month I need to cancel HLB wise card. To my defence, I did try to call the call centre few times past few months. Ring 30 minutes without picking up. Finally, I manage to connect by selecting reporting lost card option and the answer was I must pay that fee. So - RM169 of HARD earn money down the drain. *cries* Credit cards, I love you I hate you.>