2016 Spending Review

I started this website with the idea of writing a review of my spending in 2015. My goal was to keep track of my spending, be frugal, and save as much of my income as possible. 
But as it turns out, things didn't go exactly as planned. Instead of saving more, I ended up spending slightly more (oops!). However, I did earn more (yay!), and I also gave more (yup!). Maybe it's because I'm getting older and my income is increasing?

I started the year off by trying an extreme frugal approach (highly motivated, of course). While the numbers were promising in terms of early retirement, my life became a bit of a misery story. I mean, who can eat porridge every day and not get depressed? That's when I realized that I don't mind spending a little extra for an easier and more enjoyable life. After all, the world is too unpredictable to be calculative about every single cent.

My 2016 expenses swing month to month - from RM3,497 to RM6,913.
Gladly showing off the month with the lowest spending. It was also dividends month, so I saved RM3,000 this month.
I have to admit, I don't have the most frugal spending habits. Maintaining a Continental car can be expensive, eating organic can be pricey, and buying high street fashion can add up. However, I do try to optimize my expenses as much as possible.

I keep my budget flexible by not having high commitments, optimize the value I get for every dollar, and making sure I save some money. All in all, I avoided about RM8,000 spending by using vouchers and freebie savings. Interest and dividends this year total up to more than RM5,000.  I am still amazed how all these came about. My mind says managing our personal finance has its peaks. But my heart knows it's God who brings such wisdom and blessing. Do read about Seeking Financial Miracles if you need one in your life.

So I happily give RM9,000 (17%) to cause I care about, spend RM3,500 (6%) on clothing and bags, bought an air ticket to Japan in 2017. Probably the only pain is about RM14,000 spend on maintaining the car (petrol and toll included). Mind you, I am already driving the cheapest continental car. I desperately need affordable public transport. 1KM1B (friends refer this to 1KM of MRT for RM1billion, anyone know if it's true?) do not reach where I stay or work.

My goal for 2017
  • Do mostly the same while aiming for higher interest income. 
  • Redeem my time by being mindful. 
I might just bid Malaysia goodbye for real. I didn't foresee that coming, but the doors are open.  I did not do that, it's a life regret.